What Does Garden Design Mean To you

What Does Garden Design Mean To you

What Does Garden Design Mean To you?

When we speak about garden design we are using the term broadly and we understand that the term covers just about everything that makes a garden great. From the lawn, hedges and bushes through to furniture, accessories and water features.

However, many people we speak to simply look at their garden as the grassy area at the front, back or all round their property as somewhere to mow the lawn and pull up weeds so that they can sit outside when the weather is nice.

While we do not dispute the fact that a tidy lawn and removing weeds is essential, there are so many other factors that make up a garden and would urge anybody to consider what garden design means to them and how they could improve their garden area simply and effectively.

The past decade has seen the face of garden design change like never before, if you turned the clock back 20 or 30 years no one would consider having a garden without grass on it and would probably question how you could even refer to it as a garden.

These days we see garden design taken to the next level and people combining wooden decking areas with stone chipping and pebbles that dominates the whole garden area without a grass blade in sight.

Modern garden design has seen metal become a huge influence on the garden area with murals fixed to garden walls, fences and the exterior walls of houses to give the garden a chic and almost inner city look.

Total Tree Services understand that everyone has unique tastes and for that reason we always listen and closely consult with our customers to ensure any plans we make hit the nail on the head first time and your requirements are met at the first time of asking.

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