Make your garden water efficient with a water butt


At the moment conserving water is not only essential for the environment but also for ourselves, we are currently, yet again under the hosepipe ban even though the rain doesn’t seem to be stopping.

A great solution for the garden or allotment is a water butt as statistics show that In hot and dry weather, water used outdoors can amount to 50 per cent of total usage but with the amount of rain we receive in the UK a water butt is a fantastic way of making sure you have enough water available for the garden all year round while doing your bit for the environment.

Every year your rooftop is pelted by thousands of litres of water, you can collect this water to use on your garden and it is actually much better for your plants as well as helping the environment, connector kits are available and can be used to connect butts together if you fancy storing more and more water and in lots of cases water companies and local authorities sell butts at reduced and subsidised prices.

The are also a number of other solutions available to help you organise your garden to be water efficient, good healthy compost can retain moisture and is full of nutrients and drought tolerant plants help create a garden that doesn’t need as much water, you can also plant new trees and shrubs through plastic which again helps keep the soil moist as well as controlling weeds and using wood bark or coarse home made compost around your existing plants stops water evaporating.

The bottom line is by doing your bit to build up your own water supply’s in a natural way and putting solutions in place to help your garden not need as much water will help in the long run, it keeps you stocked up meaning you have a supply no matter what happens but also, if more people do it it can go a long way to making sure we don’t fall into drought situations in the future.

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