Things to consider when buying fencing

Things to consider when buying fencing

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Quality fencing creates clean lines around houses and boundaries, as well as creating privacy and adding a designer touch to your home.

Are you in the market for a fence, if so ask a couple of questions before hand. How old is your home? A good fence should sit in line with the age of your home, fences come in all shapes and sizes now a days and can be created from a number of materials such as steel, wood and plastic. If your home is a new construction then you would probably go with a custom design, maybe a wrought iron style, if your home is much older then a solid wooden fence would always look great and depending on your needs could be a more affordable option.

You then have to look at costs and fitting, people seriously under budget when it comes to fencing and fencing services, often selecting a budget which is a third of what is realistic. A good understanding of measurements is needed and if your fitting the fencing yourself make sure you do it properly, take your time and use the correct equipment and tools, remember in the UK we often get battered with some nasty weather, your fence is usually your homes wind break and first port of call for any weather system.

Aluminum and steel fencing that resembles old style black wrought iron of years gone by is one of the most popular items of fencing about at the minute and styles can be very exciting, a wrought iron company will design your fence with you but this could be very costly.

Traditional, pre-fabricated wooden fencing can be much more cost effective, and as a rule of thumb some fencing services companies avoid using cedar posts as they rot quickly although the panels are fine, keep in mind with a wooden fence the lifetime is around 10-15 years and they can be high maintenance, cleaning and sealing the wood thoroughly every couple of years, remove mold and moss with a jet wash and if it comes back clean the wood with a professional product and then re-seal it.

As experienced fencing specialists Total Tree Services are well placed to answer any questions you may have or to quote properly on your fencing requirements, feel free to call us with any questions regarding your fencing needs.

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