Safety in tree surgery

Keeping safe is paramount in Tree Surgery

Tree SurgeryBecoming a tree surgeon requires plenty of advance knowledge of what you are getting involved in, so that you can be fully prepared for all the demands of the job. Tree surgery is physically demanding work, which is very labor intensive, and the first thing needed to stay safe is for you to be in the best physical condition possible. You will be climbing up and down trees all day, with a heavy chainsaw attached to you, so will need to be able to stand up to the physical stress this will put on you.

Key to staying safe is being able to hold your own even when you are very tired, so whilst having physical strength is important, even more important is having the stamina to do a good job and stay on your toes even when tired.

When working in tree surgery, you will be given plenty of help to stay safe from the moment you arrive on site. You will be fitted with protective clothing, which includes a helmet, a safety harness which should keep you stable even when you are using the chainsaw on difficult parts, and waterproof clothing which will prevent you from getting too cold or damp during your work. You should also receive comprehensive training before you even attempt your first tree, so that you know exactly what is expected of you, what you will be doing and any dangers to look out for well in advance.

You should fill out a risk assessment before every job to make it even clearer what you will be doing and the risks posed by the job on a case by case basis to minimise any risk to you.

Although becoming a tree surgeon is a demanding occupation, it can also be very rewarding. If you keep in mind your own safety at all times and do not let your focus drift, then you should find that you have one of the most fun and interesting jobs there is!

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