Protect Your Garden from the Elements

Protect Your Garden from the Elements

Protect Your Garden from the Elements

Yet again we’ve seen more sub-zero, almost Siberian style weather in the UK this week – especially in our beloved North West!

It seems that the winter season is unwilling to end and that spring is going to struggle to truly arrive at this rate, whilst some of you may like the snow and ice, it really is going to put a strain on people’s gardens and how they are going to be throughout the year.

We spoke in late January about utilising the services of a landscape gardening company during the cold weather to ensure your garden is not damaged beyond repair during the winter months. Nobody was expecting this extra period of prolonged snow going into spring – we cannot stress enough how important it is to act now.

Most people will not dare venture into the garden and get stuck in during this type of weather; this is exactly where Total Tree Services landscape gardening portfolio will benefit you.

We can ensure your lawn, flower beds, trees and bushes are given extra protection and looked after so that they have the best chance possible of hitting the warm weather with a chance of flourishing as you would expect every year.

After a cold weather barrage, even going into warmer weather, your garden will need that extra bit of care and attention – again our services are of the highest quality and we can provide you with an affordable solution all year round.

If you are worrying about the affect the weather is having on your garden or the long term survival of your pride and joy, give Total Tree Services a call today, we can offer you a free consultation and give you expert advice as well as offer our services to help you when it matters most…now!

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