Preparing Your Garden for the Spring Season

Preparing Your Garden for the Spring Season

Preparing Your Garden for the Spring Season

As the winter season starts to draw to a close, it is great to see leaves returning to tree branches and flowers beginning to take shape; this year may not be as quick to release the joys that the Spring season brings due to the recent snow and sub-zero temperatures, however it is always a time of year that brings a positive look and feel to people and their gardens.

We love this time of year as it means a lot of hard work, preparation and implementation of landscape gardening strategies to ensure your gardens are in tip top condition for the rest of the year.

Jobs such as weeding, pruning roses, removing dead plants and tidying borders are some of the main priorities for us at this time of year – these jobs will make the garden area more accessible and workable with the nights getting longer and warmer climates approaching over the coming months.

If these jobs are not prioritised your garden will end up being a mess and un-workable; increased hours of warmth and sunlight are great – but not if you have left weeds growing and plants such as roses to just grow of their own accord without paying them attention!

A well-kept garden will mean a great canvas for your landscape gardening contractors to work with and create a garden that you will enjoy relaxing in and be proud to showcase to your friends time and time again throughout the year.

Total Tree Services can help with the maintenance of your garden and also advise you on which types of trees, shrubs and spring-flowering bulbs you should choose for maximum effect. We have years of experience of working with all types of gardens with many different requirements and can offer you expert advice based upon our own experiences.

If you are struggling for inspiration or simply looking to leave your garden in expert hands while you reap the rewards and end results; contact Total Tree Services today.

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