Plants that suit the full sun

Plants that suit the full sun

It’s summer, time for some plants that suit full sun.

With the current hose pipe ban hanging over the UK, Gardeners and Landscapers alike may be looking for plants that suit full sun and can handle the ‘drought situation’.

From time to time we come across clients who haven’t got the time to be out watering the garden every week, either due to work or family commitments and so require a garden that can look after itself, and this means using plants and shrubs that don’t need constant care but still look great throughout the summer and provide you with a place to enjoy when you do have some relaxation time.

Cistus is a great solution, the plant originated in the Mediterranean and is at home on dry, tough soil. There are approximately 20 species of Cistus and they originated in countries like Morocco and the Canary Islands, an ever green or semi-evergreen plant and available in small and medium sizes, the plant is covered in buds and you can usually depend on new ones opening daily over around a three-week period.

The leaves are coated with a highly aromatic resin called Labdanum. and have gorgeous 5-petaled flowers in a range of colours from white to purple and dark pink, a few of the species have a dark red spot at the base of each petal, this plant really is one that stands out and looks lovely.

With the correct cultivation and siting, the majority of Cistus will only be harmed by exceptionally wet and cold winters.

A beautiful garden is not too far away and our Garden Landscape Services team can advise and recommend plants, shrubs and trees to suit any garden, style or situation.

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