Logs for winter

Nothing beats a log fire in winter.

logs for winter

As winter fast approaches and the dark nights and colder weather becomes reality nothing is more appealing than stoking up a real fire in the living room. After a long day at work and a hard days school for the kids, lighting that log fire is really something to look forward to. Another plus side to a real fire is the energy benefits, in some cases and with a variety of log burners available the heat can be used to warm your water and heat the whole house and keeping them going can be very affordable.
At Total Tree Services we gather up logs all year round and prepare them in bulk bags ready for the winter, our delivery service means if you are local to us you can have logs for winterdelivered to your door, this saves lots of work as they are pre cut into perfect size logs ready for your fire or heater.
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Fireplace from Max Izod on Vimeo.

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