Let Us Take Care of Dangerous Trees

Let Us Take Care of Dangerous Trees

Let Us Take Care of Dangerous Trees

Trees may not seem like an object that can cause destruction and upset, however we can assure you that if they are not looked after correctly or kept in a tidy manner, they can cause lots of damage, financial hardship and even injury or death.

Whilst that statement may seem extreme there have been many occurrences of people being hurt, their property being damaged or even worse due to a tree falling or part of a tree breaking off.

Only yesterday there was a story in a Welsh newspaper where a resident had suffered damage to his property due to a neighbour’s tree crashing into his garden fences causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

The incident occurred during daylight hours so it could easily have landed on someone or had the trees fallen a couple of feet either side they would have hit houses and caused lots of damage.

Tree care includes making sure they do not grow to tall and also the growth patters the trees can follow, for example 60 or 70 foot trees in a domestic dwelling is obviously not ideal in high winds or stormy weather, whilst overgrown branches could easily break a house window or cause damage to similar effect.

You can be fined by councils or environmental health could take action against you if your trees are deemed to be dangerous or reported by anybody – this could hit you hard both financially and emotionally.

Total Tree Services, as our name suggests, offer a complete tree care solution and tree services to make sure they are in great condition and also safe for you and others at all times.

Do not wait until it is too late, get in touch today if you have any concerns at all regarding your trees for experienced and professional advice.

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