Landscape gardening, plants and trees

Landscape gardening, plants and trees

Choosing plants and trees with landscape gardening.

A landscaped garden needs to look beautiful all year round for it to be worth the time and money you will spend on it. For this reason, choosing the right plants for your landscape gardening is crucial to getting your garden off to the right start and meaning you are bound to have a garden you can be proud of when people come to visit, whatever time of year it is.

When looking for the right trees for your landscape garden, there are three types you can choose from. Evergreen trees are popular in these types of gardens as they don’t lose their leaves and will remain looking the same way all year round. This can help to brighten the garden and make it look more cheerful in the depths of winter, when the garden can start to look quite bare. Don’t just stick to evergreen trees though, as trees which come to life in spring and summer will keep your garden looking fresh and different with every passing season. You could also choose larger shade trees for certain areas of your garden, providing areas of cool shade on the hottest days, and even creating a cool area for different plants to grow. Finally, if you are looking for a more ‘designed’ look to your garden, ornamental trees will give you a really edgy and up to date look. These trees usually have an interesting look to them, such as the droopy and exotic look of the corkscrew willow, or are able to be trimmed to interesting shapes.

There are plenty of different types of plants which will bring your garden to life and ideally you should be looking for different varieties which will flower and look their best at different times of the year. This will keep your garden looking gorgeous all year round and give you a burst of colour in the summer months that will really bring the garden into its own. Get a good mix of perennials (which flower years after year, simply needing to have their foliage removed in the winter) and annuals (which only flower once but can give a really fresh look to the garden each year, before being changed for new colours and varieties).

Don’t forget to build your plants and shrubs around the basic lines of the garden, choosing soft and bright flowers for flower beds, and sharper lines for the boundaries.

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