It’s your responsibility.

It's your responsibility.

Trees by a Highway

As the landowner it is your responsibility for all vegetation growing on your land and, in some circumstances, where vegetation is growing in the roadside verge. Local Council Highways Department’s are responsible when trees are causing an obstruction or a hazard on the roads or pavements and they have powers under the Highways Act to contact the owners and request that the problem be dealt with.

Trees Overhanging Your Garden

Under common law, you are entitled to cut back to the boundary any branches that are growing over your property. You must offer to return the cut material back to the owner and you should be aware that if the work you do causes the tree or shrub to die, you may be held responsible by the owner resulting in legal proceedings. If you live in a Conservation Area or the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order you will also need to seek consent from the Council before beginning any work.

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