Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

Some Winter Garden Tips To Help Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

If you are keen gardener or if you just want to make your garden look good for the coming year here are some tips on getting your garden ready for winter that you can follow with ease:

  • If your lawn is looking old and tired it’s the best time to reseed and make good on any damage that might have occurred during the summer months.
  • Don’t over prune your shrubs and plants, even though it might be very tempting to do so. If you do this you can find that certain plants die and this is something you want to avoid.
  • Plant bulbs that will flower in the spring before the cold frost of winter sets in. Do this and you will be sure of amazing boards in the spring time. If you are living somewhere that is particularly cold in the winter choose bulbs that are more hardy.
  • Make sure that you have put your mulch down if you use it. This can provide a much needed barrier against the cold for many plants, shrubs and trees and should not be overlooked. Don’t worry if it starts to look soggy and past its best during the winter, you can get it all up in the spring.

These are just a few tips to get your garden ready for the coming months, we seem to be going from one extreme to the other with the UK weather lately and care is needed to keep your garden in good condition. Keep posted for more winter garden tips.

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