Garden Furniture Covers to Protect Garden Design

Garden Furniture Covers to Protect Garden Design

Cover garden furnitureGarden furniture can be an expensive element in your garden design. You should protect your investment by covering your garden furniture in the winter. By covering your garden furniture, you are extending the life of the furniture. Although the furniture is designed to be outdoors and withstand weather, no garden furniture is truly designed to withstand the harsh winter temperatures and moisture.

The harsh elements such as snow, ice and heavy rains can quickly ravage the look and usable life of your furniture. The covers also keep your garden furniture cleaner during the winter months. Once you remove the covers in the springtime, a quick clean instead of a good scrubbing and your furniture will be ready to use.

Selecting the right garden furniture for your garden design can also be time consuming. You need to find the right color and style to match the rest of your garden design. Once you have made the decision to purchase a set of garden furniture, order or purchase your winter furniture covers at the same time. The shop where you purchase your garden furniture should also be able to sell or order the covers for you so that you have covers that fit properly.

Most covers come in neutral colors, and although they are not really meant to be a part of your garden design, they can be made to blend in with the surroundings during the cold weather months. Periodically during the cold weather months, go out and brush the snow off the furniture covers. The weight of the snow can stretch your furniture covers and make them less effective in future years.

In the Spring, remove your covers, gently clean and dry them; then store them away until next year. Then go out and enjoy your beautiful garden while lounging in your garden furniture.

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