Garden design ideas for 2013

Garden design ideas for 2013

Get your garden looking good this year

Finally the spring season is upon us; whilst we may not yet be soaking up tropical temperatures or enjoying unspoilt days of sunshine, the weather has certainly improved from recent sub-zero conditions and many people are turning their attention to improving their garden ready for the summer.

Total Tree Services are happy to bring you this handy article to give you some expert advice and opinion on garden design ideas for 2013 so that you have a great looking garden and get maximum enjoyment from it for the duration of the year.

There are many ways to enhance your garden and make it really unique; here is a selection of a few of our top garden design ideas for 2013.

• Boxed Hedges – Creating square or triangular hedges which act as a box or border, is a really simple and effective way of adding a bespoke touch to your garden and to emphasise features. The boxes can be filled with pebbles, stone, bark or even flowers to make your very own natural flower pot!
• Crazy Paving – A fantastic way to give your garden a completely unique look and feel whilst also making it visually appealing to anyone viewing it. Using randomly shaped and broken bits of paving slabs and stones will give your garden an edge and you can fill in the areas around the paving however you like.
• Astro Turf/ Artificial Grass – While this may go against our ethics as landscape gardening; artificial grass is proving extremely popular and useful. With the effect the cold weather has on the ground it provides a sure fire way of retaining that perfect lawn throughout the year! Another great benefit is that a property with a yard area can quickly be transformed into a “garden”.
• Simplicity – Many people are going for the chic, simplicity look this year – adding decking and neutral garden furniture to give off a minimalistic, but ultimately classy look and feel.

Hopefully these ideas have given you some food for thought – if you need advice and help from professional landscape gardeners why not give Total Tree Services a call today?

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