Flood Water

Flood Water

Trees can help with flood water.

Mother nature struck again on most of the UK over the weekend and last week and was in full force with masses of rain. We have recently seen large areas under flood water and this is so devastating as it destroys family’s and communities.

If you have a garden with a good amount of greenery you are usually less likely to see large amounts of flooding as trees and woodland can help reduce floods as they intercept rain and increase infiltration of water into the soil.

Statistics apparently show that one in every six homes in England is at risk of flooding, with around 2.4 million homes at risk from coastal or river flooding, and around 3.8 million homes susceptible to surface water flooding.
If trees and woodland are looked after properly they can decrease surface water runoff and reduce the risk of flooding and your own natural flood defence has never been so important.

Over recent years we have seen a large increase in this flooding in lots of areas across the UK. There are a number of factors which add to this but the heavy and prolonged rainfall that we see so much of lately and at different times throughout the year is the main cause, things are so unpredictable as we saw this weekend, we were forecast to be pelted for the rest of the month but Saturday and Sunday were surprisingly, mostly dry and sunny, throw climate change into the mix and you would have to say there isn’t much chance of a change.

Obviously in extreme cases there isn’t a lot you can do but if you have in place things that may help as part of a natural flood defence they may as well be taken care of.

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