Fight back with a log fire

Fed Up Of The Cold Weather? Fight Back With A Log Fire!

log fireThe cold weather and winter season is once again proving to be a prolonged period of relentless rain, wind, snow and ice – so much for the effects of global warming turning the UK into a tropical paradise, we are seeing the opposite!

Total Tree Services are offering residents and businesses in the North West of England the chance to fight back against the cold via our log delivery service.

Fire logs are a great way to stay warm, save money and to add a touch of romance to these freezing winter months – they cut out the need to use gas or electric fires, pump out lots of heat and what better way to set a romantic atmosphere on St. Valentines evening than through natural flames flickering in the background?

We offer a full service delivery and collection option that includes us dropping off your logs exactly where you need them and they come in handy 1 tonne bag size and weight for just £40 per bag.

Rocketing fuel prices have seen many people and businesses turn to traditional log fires over recent years and we hope this trend continues to grow as it will also open up opportunities for age-old jobs such as chimney sweeps to make a return and give the economy a boost – not to mention utility companies having to reduce costs [wishful thinking!].

Always make sure that you have a log fire installed by a professional as they can be potentially lethal to you and the environment if they are fitted incorrectly.

So, providing you take the right precautions, why not consider a log fire this year to fight the cold and save money? If you do have an existing log fire or decide to get one installed give Total Tree Services a call today or visit to specifiy your requirements.

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