Don’t Risk Injury, Use the Experts for All Your Tree Services

Don’t Risk Injury, Use the Experts for All Your Tree Services

Don’t Risk Injury, Use the Experts for All Your Tree Services

We have heard many horror stories over the years about homeowners with no experience in felling trees, thinning, pruning, shaping or other maintenance jobs to keep their gardens in order.

People are putting their lives at risk and risking serious injury by working at heights, using chainsaws or any equipment related to tree services without having attended and completed the right training courses.

As well as having no level of training, a lot of people have no experience of undertaking any one of a number of tree services which means that it really is a bad idea to do it yourself. It is up there with trying to re-wire your house with no electrical knowledge – you simply wouldn’t do it!

Total Tree Services are experienced in all aspects of trees and landscape gardening and we always like to regularly attend and complete industry training courses to make sure that best practice is constantly applied and so that we understands all aspects of the job at hand.

Our range of services includes;

• Tree Surgery
• Hedge Cutting and reduction
• Removal
• Inspections and surveys

Plus many more specialist services such as environmental consultancy, woodland management and just about anything tree related you can think of!

We cover the whole of the North West area and always keep our prices as affordable as possible so that you have a top quality, experienced and affordable option to keep your trees and garden in order whilst not risking your own health.

Why not get in touch with us today for a free no obligation quote or even just to have a chat about the range of services we offer and the benefits of using professional services rather than doing it yourself – we are always happy to offer advice on all aspects of our work.

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